Terms and Conditions for Using Our Service

**1.0 Operating Hours**

The operational hours of PT SAM KONSULTAN LEGAL (referred to as "PT SKL") are from 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday, in compliance with Indonesian Law applicable in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. PT SKL may designate certain business days on specific dates with at least five (5) days' prior notice.

**1.1 Communication**

Primary communication with PT SKL is conducted via email. Emails will be sent through the PT SKL Corporate Email Server to the email address provided by the Client during registration. It is the Client's responsibility to update PT SKL about any changes to their email address.

**1.2 Services**

This agreement comes into effect when PT SKL receives the due payment and the Client completes the required documents. PT SKL will not be liable for service delays resulting from Client's delays in submitting necessary documents.

**1.3 Suspension or Termination**

PT SKL reserves the right to suspend or terminate services at its discretion, with or without notice, in case of non-payment by the Client or violation of this Agreement.

Upon temporary suspension/termination, the Client must discontinue service usage immediately and acknowledge that PT SKL is no longer their service provider. Any use of PT SKL services after suspension/termination is a violation. The Client must inform relevant authorities about the suspension/termination and PT SKL may allocate the property to another party.

**1.4 Limitation of Liability**

PT SKL is not responsible for damage/loss of mail, email, parcels, or goods left within its premises for over 14 days. PT SKL reserves the right to open items deemed suspicious without prior approval.

PT SKL is not liable for Client's loans/credit applications. PT SKL will report threats and halt services if they interfere with its operations.

PT SKL may modify this Agreement and considers it accepted if not objected to by the Client within 72 hours of notification.

PT SKL is not responsible for events beyond its control, including government policy changes and civil/criminal violations by the Client. It fulfills Client needs as per this Agreement.

PT SKL is not legally responsible for actions/events, losses, or expenses resulting from handling phone calls for the Client.

**1.5 Terms of Payment**

Services auto-renew unless Client notifies otherwise. Payment is due within 72 hours of invoice receipt. Payment must be made within 7 working days of approval for renewal.

Cancellation requires completing the vOffice Services Cancellation Form or calling PT SKL.

Refunds are not provided upon early voluntary termination.

**1.6 Terms of Recurring Payment**

Recurring payment available for select plans. Initial payment includes the 1st and 12th months. Monthly payments charged thereafter.

Failed payments must be resolved within 14 days to avoid temporary shutdown of facilities.

*Note: The provided rephrased text is intended to accurately convey the original meaning of the terms and conditions. Please review the text for any discrepancies and ensure it aligns with your company's practices and legal requirements.*